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All About Greenery and Green Flowers

In the world of DIY events and parties, the timeless appeal of greenery and green flowers adds a touch of natural elegance and freshness. The versatility of green hues allows hosts to craft atmospheres ranging from rustic and earthy to modern and chic. Dive into the realm of greenery and green flowers and with Moxie Blooms guidance learn essential care tips, explore a variety of plant types and blossoms, 

Nurturing Greenery and Green Flowers: A Care Guide 

Before delving into the creative process, it's crucial to understand how to care for greenery and green flowers to ensure they stay vibrant throughout your event. Moxie Blooms recommends the following care tips:

  • Hydration: Keep greenery and green flowers well-hydrated by regularly changing the water and trimming the stems.
  • Lighting: Place greenery and green flowers in an area with sufficient but not direct sunlight to prolong their vibrancy.
  • Temperature: Maintain a cool environment to extend the freshness of greenery and green flowers.
  • Nutrients: Enhance the longevity and color intensity by adding flower food to the water.

By following these care tips and watching out Flower Care 101 video you can extend the life of your greenery and green flowers and continue to enjoy their beauty throughout your event or home decor. Remember that different flower varieties may have unique care requirements, so it's always a good idea to research specific care guidelines for the types of greenery and green flowers you have.

Types of Greenery 

Greenery provides a lush backdrop for any floral arrangement, and Moxie Blooms offers a diverse selection, including:

  • Eucalyptus: Known for its refreshing scent, eucalyptus adds a touch of sophistication and is ideal for bouquets and centerpieces. With several varieties to choose from, you can go wrong!
  • Ferns: Delicate and intricate, ferns bring a woodland charm to any arrangement, perfect for garden-themed events. Whether you’re looking for max coverage with leatherleaf fern or a more delicate foliage like davallia, there is a fern to go with any style of arrangement!
  • Smilax Vine: Versatile and cascading, smilax adds a romantic and whimsical feel to centerpieces and loose greenery moments, like a mantle or greenery table runner.
  • Tropical leaves: With so many different varieties to choose from, tropical leaves are the perfect way to incorporate different shapes and textures into your arrangements.  Whether you’re creating a lush all green tropical foliage centerpiece or mixing different flowers and foliage together, tropical leaves will make a statement in your floral arrangements!

Blooms of Green: Types of Green Flowers 

Green flowers, though less common, offer a unique and captivating element to floral arrangements. Moxie Blooms showcases a variety of green blooms, including:

  • Green Hydrangeas: These voluminous blooms provide a stunning focal point in centerpieces and bouquets.
  • Green Planet: Unconventional and whimsical, green planet add a modern twist to any arrangement.
  • Green Anthurium: Exotic and sophisticated, green anthurium bring a touch of luxury to flower bars and corsages.
  • Green Carnations: Whimsical and playful, green carnations add texture and depth to bouquets.
  • Bupleurum: A whimsical foliage that also has a sweet yellow bloom, bupleurum is the perfect foliage/flower for your wildflower or garden party.  They’re the perfect addition to a flower bar or bud vase!
  • Green Hanging Amaranthus: Amaranthus has a beautiful draping effect that spills out of centerpieces or bouquets. Highly textured with beautiful cascade movement a little goes a long way so it's a great accent element.

Moxie Blooms' Tutorials and Instructions 

Moxie Blooms is a beacon for DIY enthusiasts, offering comprehensive tutorials and instructions. These guides empower hostesses to create stunning floral arrangements with greenery and green flowers, covering everything from basic techniques to intricate designs. With Moxie Blooms' guidance, every hostess can bring their green floral vision to life with confidence.

Harmonizing Colors: Complementing Greenery and Green Flowers

Moxie Blooms emphasizes the importance of creating harmonious color palettes with greenery and green flowers. These elements pair exceptionally well with:

  • Whites and Creams: Create an elegant and classic look by combining greenery and flowers with neutral tones.
  • Blush and Soft Pinks: Infuse a touch of romance by incorporating blush and soft pink accents.
  • Gold or Copper: Add warmth and sophistication by incorporating metallic elements into the arrangement.

Recommended Events for Greenery and Green Floral Arrangements 

The versatility of greenery and green flowers makes them suitable for various events, such as:

  • Outdoor Garden Parties: Create a natural and enchanting atmosphere with lush greenery and floral arrangements.
  • Springtime Soirees: Embrace the freshness of spring with vibrant greenery and flowers at baby showers or birthdays.
  • Modern Celebrations: Achieve a sleek and contemporary aesthetic with structured greenery and unique green blooms.

In conclusion, greenery and green flowers offer a timeless and versatile option for DIY events and parties. With proper care, a diverse selection of blossoms, and the expert guidance of Moxie Blooms, hosts can confidently create captivating floral arrangements. Elevate your events with the natural elegance of greenery and green flowers and let Moxie Blooms be your trusted companion in crafting unforgettable moments filled with botanical beauty.

For a hassle-free experience, Moxie Blooms provides a wide variety of greenery and green flowers to suit any event. Our online ordering system ensures that your flowers are delivered right to your doorstep straight from the farm! You can read more about our shipping options here.

If you're planning a large-scale event, consider buying greenery and green flowers in bulk. Moxie Blooms offers an extensive selection of greenery and green flowers for bulk purchase, providing you with the abundance needed for your grand celebration. Want to pull it all together with supplies and instructions?  No problem!  Check out Flower Moxie Supply for all your vase and mechanics needs and be sure to check out our tutorials here for all your design needs!

Moxie Blooms allows you to place your flower order at least 8 days before your event!  By taking a proactive approach, you can avoid last-minute stress and have ample time to turn your greenery and green flowers into the bouquets, centerpieces, and arrangements of your dreams. 

No matter what your vision is for your party or workshop, Moxie Blooms can help you. For more information about our greenery and green flowers, or to place an order, please contact us today. We are here to help make your DIY dreams a reality!


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