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Are you a DIY enthusiast looking to add a touch of luxury to your events? Look no further than Moxie Blooms for your bulk rose needs! With farm-fresh flowers shipped directly to your doorstep, you can add a touch of elegance and beauty to your centerpieces, bouquets, and even boutonnieres and corsages. Standard roses offer strong stems and fluffy petals, making them perfect for any DIY event, while garden roses with their higher petal count are perfect for special occasions like anniversaries or bridal bouquets. With bulk wholesale roses from Moxie Blooms, the possibilities are endless for any DIY bride or event planner looking to add a touch of beauty to their day.

At Moxie Blooms, we offer a diverse range of rose varieties to cater to your varying floral needs. The Standard Rose, known for its strong stems and voluminous petals, makes an excellent choice for centerpieces or bouquets. With their delicate beauty and robust fragrance, Garden Roses are an exquisite addition to special occasions like anniversaries or weddings. For those who prefer a touch of the exotic, our Spray Roses, featuring multiple small blooms per stem, offer a unique aesthetic appeal. No matter your preference, at Moxie Blooms, there's a rose that's perfect for you.

What rose should I use for what?

  • Bridal Bouquets: For bridal bouquets, Garden Roses are a popular choice due to their large blooming petals and intense fragrance. They give a romantic, traditional, and classic look which is highly sought after for weddings. Alternatively, Spray Roses can add a unique and whimsical touch with their multiple small blooms per stem.
  • Bridesmaid Bouquets: Standard Roses are a wonderful choice for bridesmaid bouquets. Their strong stems, vibrant colors, and plentiful petals make them a stunning option that not only complements the bridal bouquet but also holds up well throughout the day. For a more textured look, consider incorporating a few Spray Roses, which will add depth and interest to the bouquet with their multiple small blooms.
  • Boutonnieres and Corsages: If you're crafting your own boutonnieres and corsages, the Spray Roses are an ideal option. Their smaller blooms are the perfect size for these delicate arrangements, while their multiple blossoms per stem add a rich texture and depth. Additionally, Standard Roses, with their robust stems and abundant petals, can be used as a focal point in boutonnieres or corsages, providing a traditional and elegant look. Whichever rose you choose, your DIY boutonnieres and corsages will undoubtedly add a personal and sophisticated touch to your event.
  • Centerpieces: When it comes to crafting centerpieces, both Standard and Garden Roses are excellent choices. Standard Roses provide a classic, elegant look with their strong stems and lush petals, and they are available in a wide array of colors to match any event's color scheme. Think of standard roses as a volume flower, you want to use them to create a larger shape to your arrangement. On the other hand, Garden Roses, with their larger blooms and intoxicating fragrance, add a luxurious and romantic touch to any centerpiece. For a more whimsical and unique aesthetic, consider integrating Spray Roses into your centerpiece design. Their multiple small blooms per stem create an interesting texture and depth that can elevate any arrangement. Remember, the choice of the rose depends on your personal preference and the theme of your event. With Moxie Blooms' wide variety, you can confidently create the perfect DIY centerpiece.

Roses for your DIY Arrangements

Roses are versatile flowers that can be utilized in various types of arrangements due to their diversified structure, vibrant colors, and luxurious essence. Roses are a "filler flower" or "volume flower" because of their ability to fill gaps between other blooms. These flowers add volume, texture and color to bouquets and should make up about 35% of the total design. Roses are also versatile and will work for almost any kind of arrangement.Here are some arrangements where roses work particularly well:

  • Table Arrangements: A combination of Standard and Garden Roses in various colors can create an appealing table arrangement. The robust stems of Standard Roses make them a great base, while the larger blooms of Garden Roses add an element of luxury and romance.
  • Floral Arch: For a grand, eye-catching display, Spray Roses are a brilliant choice to create a floral arch. Their multiple small blooms per stem add texture and depth, bringing a whimsical and lush touch to the structure.
  • Mantle Displays: Roses are ideal for creating a dazzling mantle display. Standard Roses provide a voluminous effect, while the addition of a few Garden Roses can make the display even more captivating with their large, fragrant blooms.
  • Cake Decorations: Small, delicate Spray Roses are perfect for embellishing a cake, adding an elegant and refined touch to your confectionery creation.

Types of Bouquets You Can Create With Roses

Roses lend themselves beautifully to a variety of bouquet types, enhancing each with their unique charm. Here are a few examples:

  • Cascade Bouquet: Resembling a waterfall, this bouquet design features roses and greenery that flow downwards from the main structure. Standard Roses are often used for the main bouquet, while Spray Roses and smaller flowers cascade downwards, adding depth and drama to the design.
  • Posy Bouquet: This small, round bouquet is perfect for bridesmaids or flower girls. It can be made entirely of Standard Roses or mixed with other flowers for additional color and texture.
  • Hand-Tied Bouquet: This rustic-style bouquet uses loose stems tied together with a ribbon. A mix of Standard Roses, Garden Roses, and Spray Roses, along with various greenery, can create an organic, just-picked look. Check out Moxie Blooms pre-made rose bouquets for a perfect gift!
  • Presentation Bouquet: Also known as a flat-lay bouquet, this type is composed of long-stemmed roses and greenery that are cradled in the crook of the arm. Standard Roses are an ideal choice for this sleek, modern design. Each of these bouquet types can be customized with your choice of rose colors and additional flowers or foliage to match the theme of your event. With roses, the possibilities are endless!

Remember, the beauty of DIY arrangements lies in personalization. Whether you prefer a traditional style or an exotic, modern approach, the versatility of roses allows you to create arrangements that reflect your unique taste and style.

Buy Bulk Roses for Your Next DIY Event

Purchasing roses in bulk for your DIY event offers several advantages. Moxie Blooms ensures you have a sufficient quantity of roses to create consistent arrangements across your venue. This consistency is key to establishing a cohesive theme and aesthetic for your event. Buying in bulk often results in significant cost savings. Rather than paying premium prices for individual roses at a local florist, you can acquire a large quantity at a discounted rate from bulk flower suppliers. Additionally, having a surplus of roses allows you the freedom to experiment with different arrangements and designs without the fear of running out of flowers. Lastly, roses are renowned for their longevity. Even in bulk quantities, with proper care and handling, your roses will maintain their beauty and freshness throughout your event and beyond. Therefore, investing in bulk roses is a practical and cost-effective choice for your DIY event.

Choosing Moxie Blooms as your bulk rose supplier comes with numerous advantages that make them stand out in the market. Firstly, quality is at the heart of their business. They source the freshest roses directly from the best growers, ensuring that each bloom is at its peak when it reaches you. Secondly, Moxie Blooms offers an unparalleled variety of roses, including Standard Roses, Garden Roses, and Spray Roses, in a wide array of colors, enabling you to perfectly match the theme and color scheme of your event. Additionally, they provide excellent customer service with knowledgeable and friendly staff who are eager to assist you in making the best floral choices for your DIY arrangements. Lastly, Moxie Blooms offers competitive pricing, ensuring you get the most value for your money when buying in bulk. Therefore, for quality, variety, superior customer service, and great value, Moxie Blooms is your ideal choice for purchasing bulk roses.

Buy Fresh Roses Online for Your Next DIY Event

When you are ready to put your event together with DIY skill, Moxie Blooms is here to make it simple. Shop our gorgeous selection of roses online — and explore our chic design ideas and kits for more inspiration.

If you are looking for an easy way to add roses flowers to your event decor, look no further than Moxie Blooms. We offer a wide variety of roses flowers in every color. In addition, we offer a convenient online ordering system and we ship straight from the farm to your door, via FedEx. If you are looking for single bunches of roses flowers, consider buying from our sister site Flower Moxie. Flower Moxie offers a wide selection of roses flowers in individual bunches. Shop our selection here.

No matter what your vision is for your event, Moxie Blooms can help you. For more information about our roses and other flowers, or to place an order, please contact us today. We are here to help make your flower dreams a reality!

We hope you enjoyed learning all about roses and how to use them in your DIY event flowers. Be sure to check out our other DIY Flower Guides for more great tips and tricks! DIY Flowers can be a lot of work, but they are so worth it when you see the final product! Have fun and happy DIYing!

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