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Anthuriums 101: Everything You Need to Know

Anthuriums 101: Everything You Need to Know

Flowers are a great way to add a touch of elegance and beauty to any event or wedding. And when it comes to choosing flowers, there are so many options out there that it can often be overwhelming. But if you're looking for something that's classy, modern, and high-end, then Anthuriums might just be the perfect choice for you. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at what makes Anthuriums a great flower for events and weddings.

What sets Anthuriums apart is their unique and eye-catching appearance. They have a sleek, modern look that's perfect for contemporary events and weddings. And because they are hardy and long-lasting blooms, you can be sure that they will stay looking fresh and beautiful throughout your event or wedding.


Unlike traditional flowers such as roses or carnations, Anthuriums have an entirely different shape and texture that further accentuates their uniqueness. Their signature characteristic is their broad, glossy, heart-shaped spathe - the colorful part often mistaken as the flower's petal. The actual flower takes the form of a spadix, a spike of minute flowers that emerges from the spathe's base, adding to the Anthurium's unconventional appeal. The texture of Anthuriums is unlike the soft, velvety petals of a rose or the ruffled, layered texture of a carnation. Instead, Anthuriums possess a smooth, almost plastic-like texture, which contributes to their hardiness and long-lasting nature.


One of the standout features of Anthuriums is that they are typically long-lasting and hardy blooms. This means that they work well in all arrangements, but particularly tropical arrangements. And while not every bloom will be perfect, it's very common for Anthurium blooms to show creases or brown spots due to the texture of the bloom. But you shouldn't worry too much about these small imperfections as they don't show up in arrangements. And if you do want to correct any blemishes, Moxie Blooms recommends having a can of Design Master spray paint on hand.

Another thing to keep in mind when working with Anthuriums is that you should avoid refrigerating them. They do best when they are out of cold temperatures, so make sure to keep them at room temperature. And if you've ordered Anthuriums and they arrive with a plastic bag covering the bloom, be very careful when removing the bag as you don't want to damage the bloom.

Anthuriums come in many different colors, so you're sure to find one that fits in with your event or wedding color scheme.


Anthuriums, with their unique shape and vibrant hues, can seamlessly blend into a variety of wedding themes. They would fit perfectly within a Tropical Paradise theme, where the rich greens, reds, and pinks of Anthuriums would couple with other exotic blooms, palm fronds, and tropical fruit for a lush, seaside ambiance. An Eclectic Bohemian wedding could also utilize Anthuriums' distinct shapes and hues in loose, wildflower arrangements, adding a pop of color to neutral tones, macramé, and vintage rugs. For a Classic Glamour theme, single-color Anthuriums, particularly white or red, could be used for a sleek, elegant touch among lavish chandeliers, candlelight, and abundant greenery. Finally, Anthuriums could add an unexpected twist to a Garden Party wedding, offering a fresh, modern feel amid other lush florals, soft textiles and mismatched glassware.


Hosting a Pop Art themed event would be an ideal stage for the use of hot pink Anthuriums, dark red anthuriums, and bright red anthuriums. The bold, vivid color of these flowers naturally aligns with the characteristic bright hues of the Pop Art aesthetic. Used in centerpieces, they would deliver a striking visual impact, beautifully contrasting with other vibrant decor elements. Moreover, the unique geometric shape of Anthuriums complements the art style's love for simple, bold forms, making it the perfect floral choice for such an event. Whether it's a birthday bash, an art exhibition opening, or a corporate event, these distinctive blooms will make a lasting impression on your guests, capturing the essence of Pop Art's fun and unconventional spirit.


Hosting a Vintage Casino Night would be a perfect event to feature Casino Orange Red Anthuriums. The rich, vibrant orange of these flowers would evoke the warm, inviting glow of old-school casino lights, adding to the event's nostalgic ambiance. Used in table arrangements, they would stand out beautifully against green felt card tables and vintage decor elements like antique slot machines and vintage poker chips. Their unique shape and texture would add an element of interest and a touch of tropical flair, reminiscent of the iconic Las Vegas palm trees. Whether it's a charity fundraiser, a corporate event, or just a fun night with friends, Casino Orange Red Anthuriums are sure to leave your guests with a lasting impression of a night filled with fun, games, and a little bit of vintage glamour.


A Fairytale Garden Party would be the perfect event to feature soft pink and peach Anthuriums. These gentle hues naturally evoke a whimsical and romantic ambiance, in line with the fairytale theme. The unique and elegant shape of Anthuriums would add an enchanting touch to the event, making it feel like a page taken right out of a storybook. Use these flowers in table centerpieces, archways, or even as a unique component of a floral chandelier. The soft pink and peach tones would harmonize beautifully with gold accents, delicate fairy lights, and lush greenery. Whether it's a birthday celebration, a bridal shower, or an intimate wedding, soft pink and peach Anthuriums would transport your guests into a magical garden setting straight from a fairytale. Moxie Blooms Mixed Pink Anthurium box will perfectly suit any gathering with 35 stems per box!


Hosting a Gothic Victorian Dinner Party would be an ideal event to feature Choco Dark Burgundy Anthuriums. The deep, rich color of these flowers naturally aligns with the characteristic dark and dramatic palette of the Gothic Victorian aesthetic. Used in centerpieces, they would provide a visually striking element, beautifully contrasting against an array of vintage silverware and candlelit ambiance. Furthermore, the unique shape and texture of the anthuriums would add an element of intrigue and eccentricity, enhancing the overall gothic vibe. Whether it's a Halloween gathering, a themed birthday party, or an intimate dinner, dark burgundy Anthuriums will leave your guests with a memorable impression of a night filled with mystery, elegance, and a dash of Victorian-era nostalgia.


A Tropical Baby Shower would be an excellent event to feature Pistache Pink and Green Anthuriums or Midori Green Anthuriums. The vibrant green hues of these flowers would evoke the lushness of tropical landscapes, while the soft pink shades would add a sweet and playful touch, perfectly aligning with the joyous celebration of new life. Used in centerpieces or as accents in a flower wall backdrop, they would create a visually appealing contrast, enhancing the event's tropical theme. The unique shape of Anthuriums would also add a fun, exotic twist to traditional baby shower decor. With tropical fruit punch, coconut-themed treats, and guests dressed in tropical attire, pink and green Anthuriums would transport your guests to a baby shower paradise, filled with joy, laughter, and the anticipation of the new arrival.


Incorporating Anthuriums into various floral arrangements can yield stunning results. In contemporary arrangements, Anthuriums' bold shapes and colors can serve as focal points, creating a visual statement. Pair them with monstera leaves and bird of paradise flowers for a modern, tropical vibe. Alternatively, for a classic and elegant arrangement, use white Anthuriums as primary blooms, complemented by roses and baby's breath to create a timeless look. In rustic arrangements, Anthuriums can add a pop of color and texture. Intertwine them with greenery, wildflowers, and seasonal fruits for a natural, earthy feel. For a whimsical arrangement, combine different color Anthuriums with playful elements like colored tapered candles and colorful table settings. No matter what your style or theme may be, Anthuriums offer versatility and beauty that can elevate any floral arrangement.

Anthuriums are often considered a luxury accent flower due to their exotic appeal, lush colors, unique shapes, and long-lasting blooms. They exude an aura of sophistication and elegance, making them a desirable choice for high-end events and upscale floral designs. Their hardy nature allows them to hold their form and color for extended periods, ensuring that arrangements remain fresh and vibrant, adding to their perceived value. Furthermore, their versatility in blending with various themes and styles makes them a preferred choice for bespoke events, complementing the exclusivity that luxury demands. The rich palette of Anthuriums, ranging from deep reds to soft pinks and pristine whites, offers an added layer of customization, enabling designers to create personalized arrangements that align with the individual aesthetic of each event or client.


And while they are considered a Luxury Accent Flower, they are still quite affordable. Moxie Blooms recommends using 4-5 stems for a bridal bouquet, 1-3 stems for a bridesmaid bouquet, and 3-4 stems for centerpieces. Due to their bold appearance, adding a couple of blooms to any bouquet or centerpiece will have the perfect impact on your guests.

There you have it, Anthuriums are a great choice if you're looking for a flower that's classy, modern, and high-end. They are hardy, long-lasting blooms that work well in all arrangements, especially tropical arrangements. With many different colors to choose from, Anthuriums are sure to fit in with your event or wedding color scheme. So why not consider using Anthuriums for your next event or wedding and add a touch of elegance and beauty to your special day?


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