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All About Anthurium for your DIY Event

Looking for a unique and tropical flower to add to your arrangements or bouquets? Look no further than anthuriums! These bright and showy blooms come in a variety of colors and can add a touch of the tropics to any event or arrangement. And the best part? Moxie Blooms can provide farm direct bulk anthuriums right to your door, saving you money and giving you the freshest blooms possible. Choose between 35 or 60 stems to suit your design needs!

What are the Characteristics of Anthurium

Anthuriums are distinct from other flowers in a variety of ways. Their vibrant, glossy petals, called spathes, are not only visually stunning but also remarkably long-lasting, often staying fresh for several weeks. Interestingly, the true flowers of anthurium are not these colorful spathes, but the spiky appendage in the center known as the spadix. This unique structure adds an exotic appeal to the flower. Furthermore, anthuriums aren't just available in the typical red; they come in an array of colors including pink, white, and green, offering a wealth of design possibilities. Anthurium are surprisingly easy to care for, making them a perfect choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.

  • Anthuriums come in a multitude of vibrant colors, from fiery reds and oranges to soft pinks and greens.
  • Their heart-shaped blooms (or spathes) have a waxy finish that makes them stand out from other flowers. The spadix, which is the central column of the flower, can be long and slender or short and rounded.
  • These unique shapes and textures make anthuriums perfect for modern, minimalist arrangements or as a contrasting element in fuller arrangements.
  • Anthuriums are extremely long-lasting! Keep them hydrated and away from cool. temps and they are extremely hardy!

Colors of Anthurium

A stunning tropical flower, anthurium comes in a wide range of colors suited for any event color palette! Typically thought of in bright bold colors, Anthurium comes in softer colors too, perfect for a baby shower or romantic anniversary party.

  • Hot Pink
  • Orange Red
  • Pink and Peach
  • Dark Burgundy
  • Bright Red
  • Dark Red
  • Green/Pink
  • Soft Green

Looking for something more bold? Opt for hand-painted Iridescent Anthurium by Haus of Stems! Featuring multiple colors per stem with a pearlized finish, these luxury blooms are sure to stand out!

How to Use Anthurium for Your DIY Event

An anthurium's striking shape and bright color make it perfect for a standalone arrangement, or as part of a tropical arrangement. Pairing anthuriums with other round, petal-heavy flowers can create an interesting contrast in shape and texture. For a more modern look, use a single variety of anthuriums in a limited color palette. Alternatively, you can use anthuriums to add a pop of color to a more traditional arrangement.

  • Bridal Bouquet: If you're looking to create a bouquet with a tropical flair. For a more traditional bouquet with a unique twist, consider pairing anthuriums with roses, carnations, or stock. The contrast of the smooth, waxy texture of anthuriums against the delicate petals of these classic blooms offers an unexpected and visually appealing contrast.
  • Bud Vases: Anthuriums are an excellent choice for use in bud vases due to their bold, visually striking appearance. Their large, glossy spathes and unique structure allow them to stand alone as a centerpiece even in a small vase. This makes them a cost-effective option for decorating a large event, as each bud vase only requires one or two stems.
  • Centerpieces & Large Arrangements: Anthuriums also make striking additions to large centerpieces or arrangements. Their large, vibrant spathes provide a captivating focus, drawing the eye and giving the arrangement a vibrant tropical feel. In a large arrangement, anthuriums can be paired with complementary flowers such as hydrangeas or orchids, or greenery like monstera leaves or ferns to create a lush, tropical feeling. When used in this way, their unique form and texture can break the monotony of traditional arrangements and offer an exotic twist. Use 1-2 stems in centerpieces to ensure that the anthurium stands out and use 3-4 perfectly placed blooms in larger arrangements for that special touch.

How to Care for Your Anthurium

Caring for your anthurium involves a few key steps that will ensure its vibrance and longevity. Your anthurium will come laid out and taped down inside a long rectangular box.

  • Anthurium will come with a plastic bag over the bloom. Be sure to gently remove this when taking the anthurium out of the box!
  • Give the stems a fresh cut and place in fresh, clean water.  Keep away from extreme heat or cold.
  • Do not refrigerate. Anthurium are tropical blooms that don't like the cold!

Why Buying in Bulk Saves You Money

Buying anthuriums in bulk can save you money while also ensuring the freshest blooms possible. Moxie Blooms provides farm direct bulk anthuriums right to your door, so you don't have to go through a middleman. By purchasing in bulk, you eliminate the extra costs associated with purchasing individual stems or smaller quantities, thereby significantly reducing the overall cost. Secondly, buying in bulk ensures you have ample supply to cater to your design needs. Whether you're creating multiple arrangements for a large event or a single elaborate setup, having a generous supply of anthuriums at your disposal allows for greater flexibility in your designs. Finally, bulk buying often equates to fresher flowers. At Moxie Blooms, we provide farm-direct bulk anthuriums, ensuring that you receive the freshest flowers possible. This not only enhances the vibrancy of your arrangements but also extends their lifespan, providing a sustained visual appeal.

What are Haus of Stems Iridescent Anthurium?

Our Haus of Stems Anthurium are classy, modern, and high-end. Each individual stem is a work of heart, hand painted to order. We find they are typically long-lasting and hardy blooms that work well in all arrangements, especially tropical arrangements. The paint covers any imperfections and helps to preserve the stems to last for weeks! Bonus: Use silica gel to preserve the stems to keep forever! 

The Cost Benefit of Buying Anthuriums in Bulk

Buying anthuriums in bulk offers distinct financial advantages.

  • When you purchase in large quantities, you typically get a lower price per stem compared to buying individual stems. This means that you can create more arrangements and fill more spaces with vibrant anthuriums without breaking your budget.
  • Buying in bulk eliminates the incremental cost of multiple deliveries, thus saving on shipping and handling fees. All floral orders purchased on Moxie Blooms ship for free!
  • By sourcing your anthuriums directly from a supplier like Moxie Blooms, you bypass the price markups that come with purchasing through a traditional florist or retailer. You'll be receiving farm fresh flowers directly to your door!

The Versatility of Anthurium

Anthuriums are not just limited to tropical or beachy events. They can be incorporated into any floral design, from wedding bouquets to corporate events. Their bright colors and unique shapes make them perfect for any occasion

Modern and Minimal

  • Acrylic Rectangular Tray: Stick to 2-3 flowers for a minimal and modern design. Allow your anthurium to float above chunkier flowers like roses and carnations. create a monochromatic arrangement using flowers of varying shades of the same color, such as red or pink. This creates a modern, uniform look while still highlighting the unique shape and texture of the anthuriums. This style of arrangement is a perfect centerpiece for a rectangular guest table.
  • Round Acrylic Vase: Feature anthurium on their own in this vase or pair with minimal greenery or another flower for a clean and architectural look. A perfect option for a round guest table, bar or dessert table.
  • Bud Vases: Perfectly suited for any type of table, feature 1-2 anthurium per vase for a gorgeous, minimal and dramatic look.

Garden-y and Classic

  • Lush Compote: Use 1-2 Anthurium paired with your mixed floral arrangement to be the showstopper flower for your garden-style arrangement. Using greenery and heavy petal flowers such as stock, roses, ranunculus and carnations, the different shape and texture of anthurium are sure to stand out!
  • Bouquets: Add 3-4 stems to a bridal bouquet and 1-2 to a bridesmaid bouquet for a stunning focal flower. Anthurium come in beautiful shades, ranging from bright and bold to soft and romantic. Choose the color perfect for your palette! Head to Flower Moxie Supply for all your bouquet making supplies.

What to Expect When Ordering Farm Direct Bulk Anthurium

When you order farm direct bulk anthurium from Moxie Blooms, the process is smooth, efficient, and user-friendly. Your order will then be meticulously packed to safeguard the blooms during transit. Detailed care instructions are also included in your package to guide you in maintaining the longevity and vibrancy of your flowers. With farm direct bulk anthuriums from Moxie Blooms, you can expect consistent quality, excellent customer service, and outstanding value for your money.

If you're looking to add a touch of the tropics to your next event or bouquet, consider using anthuriums. Their unique shapes and vibrant colors make them a standout flower, and buying them in bulk from Moxie Blooms can save you money while ensuring the freshest possible blooms. Whether you're an experienced florist or a DIY beginner, anthuriums are a great option for adding a touch of fun and tropicality to any event.



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