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Sweet Peas


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Shop bulk sweet pea flowers from Moxie Blooms! Our luxury accent flower has a sweet scent and comes in lavender, cream, and blush. Get farm direct shipping right to your door for weddings or DIY projects. Enjoy the organic vibe of fresh-cut sweet pea blooms today!

At Moxie Blooms, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality bulk sweet pea flowers to our customers. Our sweet peas come in three beautiful colors - lavender, cream, and blush - and have a unique fragrance that is sure to add a touch of luxury to any occasion.

One of the biggest advantages of shopping with us is our farm direct shipping option. This means that our sweet peas are picked and shipped directly from our farm to your doorstep, ensuring the freshest blooms possible. This is especially beneficial for weddings or DIY projects where you want only the best flowers for your special event.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, sweet pea flowers also offer an organic vibe that can't be found in synthetic decorations. Their fresh-cut appearance adds a natural and charming touch to any space, making them the perfect choice for both traditional and modern settings.

Our bulk sweet peas are perfect for creating stunning centerpieces, and bouquets, or adding a pop of color to your garden. And with our affordable prices, you can easily stock up on these beautiful flowers without breaking the bank.

So why wait? Shop with Moxie Blooms today and experience the beauty and fragrance of our bulk sweet pea flowers for yourself! Whether you're planning a wedding, hosting an event, or simply want to add some natural charm to your home, we have everything you need. Trust us to deliver high-quality blooms that will leave a lasting impression on all who see them. Order now and let us help bring your floral vision to life!

Characteristics of Sweet Peas

Sweet pea flowers are highly cherished for a myriad of reasons. Their delightful fragrance adds an appealing olfactory dimension to any occasion, while their range of pastel hues - including lavender, cream, and blush - makes them a versatile choice for various event themes. Furthermore, sweet peas are emblematic of delicate beauty and heartfelt pleasure, adding a touch of symbolic sophistication. Finally, the organic, freshly-cut appeal of our sweet peas brings an aura of natural elegance to any DIY project or wedding arrangement. Sweet peas are considered a Luxury Accent Flower. Sweet peas boast multiple blooms per stem, featuring delicate, tissue paper-looking petals and ruffled edges. They lend a gorgeous romantic aesthetic to any bouquet, bud vase or centerpiece. To appreciate them to their fullest, be sure to feature them in bouquets or centerpieces where your guests can appreciate their beauty up close. Their stems are too short and fragile for larger arrangements like urns, aisle markers or arches.

Shop Sweet Peas in bulk with Moxie Blooms and have the opportunity to feature these beautiful blooms everywhere! An extra bonus, Sweet Peas ship for free with Moxie Blooms!

Meaning of Sweet Pea Flowers

In the language of flowers, sweet peas hold profound symbolism and meaning. They are typically associated with delicate or blissful pleasure, appreciation, and farewell or departure after having a good time. Sweet peas are often given out at the end of an enjoyable event as a way to express gratitude for the great memories made. These beautiful blossoms also symbolize the adoration of the simple pleasures in life, a perfect sentiment for any heartfelt occasion. Thus, incorporating sweet peas into your event not only adds a visual and olfactory delight but also infuses your celebration with these rich symbolic undertones.

  • White sweet pea flowers symbolize peace, purity and innocence.
  • Pink sweet pea flowers symbolize happiness and non-romantic love.
  • Red sweet pea flowers symbolize passion, love and romance.
  • Purple sweet pea flowers symbolize royalty, pride and success.

Choosing Sweet Peas for Your Next DIY Event

When planning your next DIY event, choosing sweet peas as your accent flower will enhance the ambiance in several ways.

  • Fragrance: Sweet pea's delightful scent serves to create a captivating and memorable olfactory experience for your guests.
  • Color: The varied palette of sweet peas, with hues ranging from lavender and cream to blush, allows for effortless coordination with any event theme.
  • Appearance: Their delicate aesthetic adds a touch of natural elegance and sophistication to any bouquet, centerpiece, or small arrangement. Sweet Peas pair wonderfully with other flowers, so no matter what flowers you choose, Sweet Pea will add its delicate beauty to the collection!
  • Buying in Bulk: the convenience of purchasing sweet peas in bulk from Moxie Blooms, coupled with free shipping, ensures that incorporating these beautiful flowers into your event is as seamless and stress-free as possible.
  • Versatility: Whether it's for a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate gathering, or any other memorable occasion, sweet peas are a fantastic choice. Their symbolic meaning, fragrant aroma, and pleasing aesthetics can enhance any event. They can be blended with other flower types to create stunning arrangements or stand-alone in single-flower displays.

Sweet Peas are just as appropriate for grand, lavish events as for intimate, small gatherings. Make your next event unforgettable with the sweet charm of sweet peas.

The Many Uses of Sweet Peas in Your Next DIY Event

Sweet peas offer an adaptable charm to a variety of DIY floral arrangements. Here are a few ways you can incorporate them into your event:

  1. Centerpieces: Sweet peas can be the star of your centerpiece arrangements. Their delicate beauty shines through, adding an organic and elegant touch to your tables.
  2. Bouquets: Whether it's a bridal bouquet or a simple one for your home, sweet peas add a lovely, romantic aesthetic. Their tissue paper-like petals and range of pastel hues can complement other flowers in your bouquet.
  3. Bud Vases: For a simple and elegant decor, place a few stems of sweet peas in bud vases. This can serve as a beautiful accent to your event's overall aesthetic.
  4. Flower Bars: Creating a DIY flower bar for your guests to make their own arrangements or bouquets? Sweet peas are an excellent choice as they offer versatility and add a touch of natural beauty to any creation.
  5. Thank You Bouquets: Send your guests off with a small bouquet of sweet peas as a token of gratitude for their presence at your event. This offers a delightful memento that extends the beauty and sentiment of the occasion beyond the event itself.

With sweet peas, the possibilities are endless, making them a perfect choice for your DIY event. So add some sweet peas to your next floral arrangement or bouquet, and create a memorable experience for you and your guests. Shop with Moxie Blooms today and bring the charm of sweet peas to your event! Happy Planning!


How to Care for Sweet Pea Flowers

Caring for sweet pea flowers requires a gentle touch and attention to detail to ensure their fragility does not lead to damage. Here are some best practices to consider:

  1. Hydration: Once you receive your sweet peas, it's crucial to get them in water as soon as possible. Cut about an inch off the stems at an angle, which allows for better water absorption, and place them in a vase with lukewarm water.
  2. Temperature Control: Sweet peas prefer cooler temperatures, so avoid placing them in direct sunlight or near heat sources. A cool, shaded spot will help the flowers last longer.
  3. Frequent Water Changes: To keep your sweet peas fresh and vibrant, change the water in the vase every two days. This helps prevent bacterial growth which might shorten the lifespan of the flowers.
  4. Gentle Handling: As sweet peas are delicate, handle them with care during the arrangement. Hold by the stem to avoid bruising the petals. Keep sweet peas in small cylinder vases so they can have space and avoid crushing their delicate petals.
  5. Nutrient Supply: Using a flower preservative in the water can provide your sweet peas with the necessary nutrients. This can help extend bloom life and maintain vibrant colors.
  6. Trimming: Regularly trim the stems of your sweet peas (around 1cm) every few days. This encourages water uptake and helps the flowers stay fresh longer.

Implementing these practices will help maintain the aesthetic appeal and longevity of your sweet peas, ensuring they remain a captivating feature of your event for as long as possible.

Buy Bulk Sweet Peas Online with Moxie Blooms

At Moxie Blooms, we provide an unparalleled experience for those looking to buy sweet peas in bulk. Here's why we are the best choice:

  • Quality: We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality sweet peas, carefully selected and handled to ensure they arrive fresh and beautiful for your event.
  • Price: By buying in bulk, you get the best value for your money. Our competitive pricing doesn't compromise the quality of our flowers.
  • Convenience: Our online ordering system is easy to use, and we deliver straight to your door, saving you time and hassle. No need to worry about transportation – we've got it covered!
  • Variety: With a wide array of colors available, you can find the perfect sweet peas to match your event's theme. From deep purples to soft creams, we have it all.
  • Customer Service: Our dedicated team is always ready to assist with any questions or concerns you may have during your purchase process.

Lastly, with Moxie Blooms, you're not just buying flowers. You're investing in a memorable experience for your event and your guests. Our sweet peas can transform any setting, making your event one to remember. Place your bulk order today and let us help bring your vision to life! Happy Event Planning!


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