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About Us

Our Story

The OG DIY Floral Hookup


The year is 2013

Flappy Bird is everywhere. Breaking Dawn II is the best-selling DVD. And our founder, Amy McCord Jones, realizes she wouldn't be able to afford her own floral services if she was the bride. 

Amy launches Flower Moxie in 2014 as a side hustle to help DIY brides and hopes to have at least one customer in year one. That customer turned out to be her mother.

You like us!

Despite putting out a lot of mouth-breathing tutorials from Amy's living room, business takes off! Spoiler: People like saving money without scrimping on beauty.

That spoiler led to...

Our couples getting married wanted gorgeous flowers in bulk. After the wedding, our couples still wanted fresh flowers. We understood the assignment and launched Petal Icon. We want to be your forever go-to for fresh flowers and fun!

We operate out of an Oklahoma City commercial space with a real-live security system and everything! But we're still a small, independent business run by women with Dorito dust on our bosoms. When you work with Petal Icon, you can expect the perfect Venn Diagram of creativity, resourcefulness, bleeding heart, good hair, and shark trivia.

Our Promise

This is Gonna Be FUN!

Guaranteed Safety Net

You've got a team ready to anticipate all your questions from day 1. Get all instructions, insider tips, and email cheerleading it takes to feel invincible.

Ridiculously Responsive

As much as we love blowing up our #doggydogs channel on Slack, we are here to deliver no-nonsense advice and florist-quality flowers.

Mama Bear Energy

We're protective of you, okay? Should anything come in looking suspect, just send us photos. If there's an issue, we'll handle it. You don't need to sic your sweet introverted fiance on us.

It's All About Having Fun

Crack open a can of your favorite fizzy water, grab your besties, and let's do this!


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