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Picking up Flowers in US and
Driving Across Canadian Border

Due to the high expense of shipping and possible delays,
we currently do not ship flowers into Canada.

However, we do ship our fresh cut flowers to Fedex facilities along the border to be held for pick-up. This allows Canadian brides the opportunity to drive into the US, pick up their flowers, and cross back into Canada.

Fresh cut flowers are approved to go into Canada from the USA and this has been confirmed by Canada's Import Reference System. Below is a video of how to use the reference system.

Disclaimer: Flower Moxie is not liable for changes at Customs or decisions made by the US or Canadian government. The information provided was given by the Canadian Customs Department and is true to the best of our knowledge.

We strongly recommend that before purchasing you click on the link and enter in the information for yourself and print off approval reference for when you're crossing the border with your fresh cut flowers. We have never heard of a client experiencing difficulties, but we feel it's best to guide you to confirm this information for yourself.


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