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Welcome to the Botanicult!

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How it Works

Ready to have a blast with your besties? Here's how it works:

Choose Your Flowers

  • Choose your best blooms
  • We offer bulk flowers at a discount
  • Or try one of our flower kits!

Get Ready

  • We offer delivery on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (we recommend 3 days before your event)
  • Need supplies? Snag them from our sister store here.

Have Fun!

  • Snag our host guide
  • Ready the Aldi cheese tray
  • Call your best people and have night to remember!


Do I arrange the flowers myself?

Unless you order our ready-made bouquets, yes! Your flowers will arrive in bulk bunches that you prep, hydrate, and arrange yourself. But this isn’t like the time you DIYed your bikini wax––we give you all the handholding in the form of recipes, YouTube tutorials, and Insta reels to take the pressure off.

Do you sell supplies and vases?

Are nachos delicious? Yes! Pop on over to Flower Moxie Supply to get your DIY bulk supplies on.

Is Moxie Blooms related to Flower Moxie?

Same fam, yes! Moxie Blooms is the fun little sister of Flower Moxie. While the stores have separate ordering and receiving systems, they're run by the same Moxie team. So you can expect the same three jokes. (Sorry.)

What's the diff between Flower Moxie and Moxie Blooms?

Flower Moxie = The OG DIY flower authority for weddings. Moxie Blooms = Simpler DIY flowers for everyday life events, like Pedro Pascal fan club night and birthday parties. Both companies were founded by Amy McCord Jones to help you save money, make memories with your favorite people, and manhandle blooms.

What's your phone number?

Unlisted for a reason! Cold calls are messy and usually interrupting someone’s lunch, so we invite our lovely customers to schedule a call. Waaaay more productive. We then follow-up with all the support emails to give you a Type A-approved paper trail.

I have questions you didn't answer here. HALP.

Fear not! Scoot on over to our full FAQs page where we have gobs of info for you!


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